Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The 3 Minute Sundress!

Here's a fun DIY tip for all the ladies on how to make a summer sundress in three minutes with three materials.  It's so easy a cavewoman could do it.  If she had the following materials.

Pillow Case


1. Pick out a pillow case (either one you're not using at home or a cute vintage print from a thrift store).  I just got this pink gingham one and another one with a red, white and navy floral pattern and white striped hem.


2. On the folded end (not the hemmed end), draw semi-circles for the neck and arms with a pencil and then cut along the line.

3. Put on your new dress! 

You can throw it on over your bathing suit.

Or pair it with a belt to "dress it up."

Wait'll summer gets a load of us!

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