Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Screenings

This weirdly cold summer made it feel like it was JUST about to start and now it's somehow August.  In fact I have a feeling we'll be getting an Indian Summer this year and people will start saying Indian Summer a lot.  I dreamed of having Summer screenings all season but the hour got away from me so now I'm making up for lost time and had two screenings in the last two weeks.  There is really nothing better than sitting outside with a fire, eating delicious food and watching a movie.  Last night we screened Goodfellas and ate a giant Italian feast.  

As an opener we watched an Old Blue Eyes concert while eating a little bit of this.

I made the table all nice and Italian restauranty with a red and green theme, candles in the wine bottles and little white roses for flowers.  It's fun playing restaurant.  

The pictures of the food all look sort of magical and that's because it was.  The camera doesn't lie.

Our menu included sausage and peppas, rigatoni with vodka sauce, mama jo's famous bolognese with linguini, caesar salad with pancetta and heirloom tomato caprese with burrata.  Oh and can't forget - tons of fresh bread from Bay Cities with delicious olive oils.  We ate so much our heads exploded.  

After the movie ended we then decided to all get our picture taken with the title of the movie projected onto us which I have feeling is the beginning of a new tradition.  

Time to plan the next one!  Maybe Indian Summer?